Tuesday, July 24, 2012

David Arquette helps donate organic baby food to mothers at Bronx

Anna DiNardo was simply gushing as she stocked up on free boxes of Plum Organics baby food.
“This is amazing. God bless you,” she said, smiling at film and TV actor David Arquette.
Arquette stopped by a Bronx non-profit Monday to help hand out hundreds of boxes of the organic baby food during a giveaway sponsored by online retailer, ecomom.com.
DiNardo, 41, of Throggs Neck, was among more than 50 women and children at the event at the Women's Housing and Economic Development Corp. (WHEDco) in Mount Eden.
Tyreka Martin, 35, a single mother, stopped by with her 14-month old, Xavier.
“This is so great. I’m so glad I came because this is going to help me a lot,” she said, looking down at her son who was busy gobbling up some pears. “And it looks like he really likes it.”
Arquette, known for campy roles in movies like Scream and Eight Legged Freaks, said he jumped at the chance to help out.
“I was in the lunch program at school and we were on food stamps. When times got tough for my family, we definitely needed help and that’s something I always remember,” he said.
“When you get out and meet people, you see that the faces of hunger in America are our neighbors. They’re good people who just need a little help every once in a while.”
Nancy Biberman, who heads the non profit, called the donation a “phenomenal gift.”
“With the Bronx being a food desert, getting fresh produce can be a real challenge,” she said. “We’re delighted with this.”
For each order received, ecomom.com donates one day’s worth of food for a child in need. So far this year, said co-founder Jody Sherman, the company has donated 45,000 days worth of food.
“A lot of kids don’t have access to good, healthy food,” Sherman said. “We’ve always had charity as part of what we do and we’ve found that one of the best ways to do that is to solve a real problem, like childhood food inequity.”
DiNardo runs a small daycare. With her husband on disability, she is the sole provider for her three children.
“This is definitely a blessing,” she said, holding 10-month old daughter, Angelina. “I’m trying to raise her on all organic food but it gets expensive. I try to save money but it’s not easy. So something like this is such a blessing.”
Cecilia Rojas is a stay-at-home mom to three children, including 6-month old, Manuel. The family lives off the income of her husband, who works at a recycling center.
“I like organic but it’s expensive,” said Rojas, 40, of Mount Eden. “For the kids, you have to buy no matter if it costs a lot of money. This will help us.”

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