Friday, October 21, 2011

David Arquette: Mr. Generosity Behind The Scenes At ‘Dancing With The Stars’

David Arquette has gone out of his way to keep up the spirits of his professional partner, Kym Johnson, behind the scenes at “Dancing with the Stars.”
“I like treats and doing things to lift people’s spirits,” he told Access Hollywood, during a rehearsal for Broadway Week on “DWTS,” when asked about his generosity. “We’ve had ice cream and massages, little parties.”
“He took us on a little field trip — we went to Universal [Studios, Hollywood], we went to your house for barbecue, he cooked ribs for us,” Kym added.
David’s even made sure Kym – and the rest of the “DWTS” cast have stayed pampered – with massages.
“He didn’t personally give the massages,” Kym clarified.
“We had a masseuse come in and sort of camp out in here — anybody who had some time could get a rub down,” David added.
While David has his hopes set on the mirrorball, he’s also got a new projects in the works – a show for NBC – which he is producing with Courteney Cox.
“It’s called ‘Ten Years.’ Courtney and I are producing it with our company,” the actor and producer explained. “It’s based on the writer’s experience and our experience of being separated, and what that’s like. It’s a lot of communication.”
David and Courteney separated last year, after 11 years of marriage, and the actor/producer confirmed the show does have similarities to his real life.
“It’s similar [in] that this writer was separated and had a child, and had to sort of work it out with his ex, and figure out how they could maintain a relationship and be really great parents,” David said.

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