Saturday, October 24, 2015

David Arquette stars in new stage production of Sherlock Holmes

David Arquette might be better known as a TV and film actor from such projects as Scream, but this month he hits a T.O. stage to star as Britain’s most revered sleuth, Sherlock Holmes. 
The production runs from Oct. 27 to Nov. 8 at the Ed Mirvish Theatre,

How are you feeling about portraying such a well-known character onstage? 
I’m very nervous! I’m excited, as well, but he’s just such a loved character, I feel a responsibility.… It’s thrilling! I mean, to be able to sort of make it my own. One thing I have been doing is listening to a lot of the books on tape because you get the accent as well, so you get to listen to some real proper English and sort of learn to speak in that accent.
So, you’re putting the accent on? 
Yeah, you have to put the accent on! You don’t wanna show up with an American accent playing Sherlock Holmes! It’s an interesting take on it, but it’s not our take.
 What did you think when you were asked to play Sherlock? 
Well, they had first approached me to play Watson, and the more I read it, I was, like, I’m more the quirky, kind of crazy Sherlock to be honest.
So you definitely wanted this role
Yeah, absolutely! I mean, I love Watson. He’s such an incredible role, but I just felt like my kind of idiosyncracy was just matched better with Sherlock.  

Sherlock’s character has always had a dry sense of humour, are you planning on putting your own David Arquette spin on things? 
Yeah, it certainly feels that way! I mean, the relationship between the two in general, with Watson and Sherlock, is always sort of tense and funny. It’s a real interesting dynamic. Their relationship is definitely comedic. There is a lot of ripping on each other. There is a lot of humour, though, and there’s a lot of humour in him just being a unique person. 

We’re used to seeing you on the big screen. How does performing theatre differ for you from film when it’s live and there is no do-over? 
Well, those will be some of the funnier moments. That’s when you really need to be comfortable in your acting and you have to be able to think on your toes. Hopefully everyone comes with a good attitude, maybe goes to dinner first and has a couple drinks! 

While you’re here in T.O. is there anything in particular you will want to see or do in Toronto? 
“There’s always really wonderful restaurants. Every time I go there, I’m amazed by the culture and the different areas you can go to and get traditional food. So I always like seeking those places out. Whenever I travel, wherever I travel, I like to find some of the oldest restaurants in the city. I just like how people continue tradition that way.

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