Monday, October 1, 2012

David Arquette: I enjoyed bad guy role

David Arquette has revealed he enjoyed getting to play a villain in The Cottage.
The Scream star, known for playing quirky roles, stars as a romance novelist with a secret in the horror thriller, directed by Chris Jaymes.
He revealed at the movie's Los Angeles premiere: "I liked the story, I liked the director, I liked the cast. Just playing a villain is something I don't typically get to play. I also like playing characters where you like them at first, you're intrigued by them and then they kind of turn and go crazy." 
David added: "Creating that suspense, and then being sort of that sweet person that they invite into their home and then that all going wrong, it's fun stuff. 
Later this month the actor starts work on the drama Orion, with model-turned-actress Lily Cole.
"It's a post-apocalyptic film about redemption, about this hunter that goes to slay a wizard who's holding Lily Cole, this beautiful princess hostage," he explained.

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