Thursday, September 13, 2012

Yoram Eliyahu comments on David Arquette’s Chabad visit

The Chabad Residential Treatment Center in Los Angeles, California received a visit from David Arquette last Thursday. Chabad is an international Jewish organization that helps Jews in various ways. Chabad supporter Yoram Eliyahu thanks David Arquette for supporting Jewish causes.
David Arquette is a widely known actor, director, producer and screenwriter. His renown even includes involvement in fashion design and professional wrestling. What many people may not know about the superstar is that he’s a devout Jew. Arquette’s mother was Jewish, and he converted from Catholicism. He recently had his own bar mitzvah to celebrate his conversion.
The Jewish community has welcomed him with open arms. Arquette has found it easy to connect with the Jewish community. He’s become a supporter of Jewish causes. In fact, he recently paid a visit to a Los Angeles community center.

The Chabad Residential Treatment Center provides the citizens around Los Angeles with many services. Its basis is the international organization known as Chabad. Chabad works in over a 1,000 cities around the world to help the Jewish community.

The treatment center in Los Angeles hosts many residents with various addictions and conditions. Arquette went to the center to share his own story of alcoholism and addiction. The residents of the treatment center shared their appreciation for Arquette’s visit. They told of how they felt empowered to overcome their issues because of Arquette’s own story.

Donna Miller is the head of the Los Angeles Chabad center. Over the course of her leadership tenure, she’s seen thousands of people join the journey to recovery. She’s happy to know that Arquette’s story has touched the residents of the center.

Chaim Marcus, one of the center’s executives, helped set up David’s Thursday visit. Marcus notes the incredible impact of his stay. “You could feel the energy in the room change,” he said. He described David’s story as inspiring.

Chabad supporter Yoram Eliyahu thanks Arquette and others who give their time to Chabad. The ministries and services that Chabad oversees make difference in the lives of communities. Communities grow and strengthen because of Chabad’s—and Arquette’s—work.

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