Monday, August 20, 2012

David Arquette strips for malaria, cheers Jennifer Aniston engagement

David Arquette is no stranger to charity work, and we're not talking white-linen Hollywood luncheons that donate oversized checks. The actor gets his hands dirty with groups such as Habitat for Humanity and Feeding America.
He's now applying that elbow grease in a different fashion performing a hilarious striptease for a collection of comedy clips called "Malarious," a collaboration between comedy site College Humor and advocacy group Malaria No More.
Arquette chatted with the Ministry about his concept -- which for as little as a $1 donation can been seen here -- modeled after the bump-and-grinding of "Magic Mike." He also touched on an inspiring trip to West Africa and a newly engaged Jennifer Aniston.
Matt Donnelly: You work with a few different charities. How did you end up taking it off for "Malarious"?
David Arquette: I met them first at "Idol Gives Back" [an "American Idol" charity initiative last aired in 2010]. They invited me to Senegal, to see what kind of work they were doing. You know, I met this guy who lost his daughter to malaria, and he made it his mission to prevent it.
I saw a lot of the infrastructure, the very easy ways to prevent it. Cleaning up standing water, mosquito nets, getting people on consistent schedules to use the nets ... it is staggering how simple. 

MD: So the next step was clearly a striptease, with some sleight-of-hand magic.
DA: Well, that was the idea! Like the real "Magic Mike." Magic Dave.

MD: Have you seen the actual film?
DA: No, but the idea was, give me a magic hat and a song and I'll make it happen. There are a lot of [props] in the video, and most of that stuff was in my car.

MD: It's a unique way to give back.
DA: In general, to me, and to a lot of people, giving back is the greatest reward. It kind of helps your soul and puts your own personal problems into perspective.

MD: Speaking of personal, your pal Jennifer Aniston is engaged, and a few people noticed.
DA: It's fantastic. And Justin is a great guy.

MD: Exotic dancing aside, you're about to start "Orion," in which you play a post-apocalyptic hunter.
DA: I'm working out like crazy, growing my hair. And I'm about to do a survival camp. It's in Utah. They give you a poncho and a pocket knife and you have to stay alive.

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