Tuesday, May 29, 2012

David Arquette’s Los Angeles: Get “Plugged In!”

In this first episode of the online reality series “Plugged In,” actor and full time Angelino David Arquette puts six contestants to the test in a day long challenge of stamina, problem solving and driving skill. The contestants, working in teams of two and using the all-new 2012 Ford Focus Electric, unravel Arquette’s clues about his favorite Tinseltown locations and activities, which lead them on adventurous challenges, uniquely linked to David’s personal life. The teams compete to earn “butterfly” points, with the ultimate goal of representing Los Angeles in the finale and competing with winners in nine other cities for a chance to win the Focus Electric.
The first clue leads to Pan Pacific Park , where David plays basketball most mornings with his buddies. Here the teams prepare for a game of hoops, but of course there’s an Arquette twist – the contestants must wear giant inflatable sumo suits at all times! At the end of the challenge, David treats all the contestants to an impromptu sumo-enhanced, breakdancing session.
For the second challenge, Arquette sends the participants on a scavenger hunt to visit some of his most beloved locations in Los Angeles. The contestants must try to reach as many locations as possible during the allotted time, taking a picture in each location and uploading their photo to Flickr at http://www.flickr.com/groups/fordpluggedin/.

The challenge begins with L.A. food mecca Phillippe The Original, which was opened in 1908 by Phillipe Mathieu, inventor of the French dipped sandwich. The race continues with stops at Bob Baker Marionette Theater, the oldest puppetry show in L.A., and Golyester, a vintage clothing shop where David cultivated his early sense of style. Arquette’s clues then lead the teams to the Melrose Newsstand, where David got his first paid gig – selling maps to the stars’ homes! The final piece of the scavenger puzzle leads the contestants to the Hollywood Walk of Fame where they need to take a picture near the star plaque place in memoriam of comedian Cliff Arquette, David’s grandfather.

Finally, the contestants rendezvous at the top of Coldwater Canyon Park, in a 1,000-acre cross-mountain preserve run by an environmental organization called Tree People. Tree People’s mission is to provide sustainable solutions to urban ecosystem problems through forestry, and David explains that he would go there to plant trees when he was a kid. After competing in a timed race, a winner is crowned who will move on to the finale and a chance to win a brand new Ford Focus Electric.

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