Wednesday, March 28, 2012

David Arquette talks about his trip from Budapest

David Arquette and his friend, fellow presenter, Mike McGuiness arrived last Friday, a week in Budapest and turning on the Travel Chanel's new fall, weekly travel show. As I have written, the show's Mile High spontaneous trips in taking part, in which Twitter and other Web sites with their help. Here, their experiences, their experiences in the city of Szilvási Gozsdu Elf Club Gipsy Folk Band Tomsits Bernadette spoke after the producer, who has an interview with the comment: comnak offered, thank you very much!

David: This is the first time that I am here in Budapest and Hungary. The first experience was a party last Saturday, where the Hungarian Infragandhi DJ played. The guy spinning divine music, I had lots of fun and dancing. This city is full of life, vibration, there is a special spiritual resonance. We also chose this city to show the first scene, because a lot of cool things we heard about it. My brother also had been here a few years ago, and a childhood friend who lived here and learned, but the ships were able to tell from the atmosphere, so it piqued our interest. Interesting background and social values ​​of art has a place.

Mike McGuiness: We would like to introduce the show places, and which makes possible to learn, places that have not been chewed to death, and may of them, the értékeikből knowledge to draw, learn to understand. Rich history and heritage of this place. The city only to vibrate a lot of young person, who apparently are hungry for creativity, to express themselves. The new evolution of thought, other planes would like to introduce our program by.

David Arquette: There are direct and very open people, at least for us, and the whole crew. We would like to know and to show places where we were, and still fewer who are not them. Things we want to live, to experience during the journey, in which we had not yet, not seeing ismerünk.Például this city, we feel none of us been so lively city like this. It is also noticed that the loud people are hooligans, but foreigners, not locals. We believe that every person who went through great difficulties, more understanding and grateful. Better case. We feel it here.

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