Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Travel Channel Greenlights to Mile High

Mile High, which follows David Arquette and his friend Mike McGuiness – owner of public relations firm Feinstein/McGuiness PR – racking up mileage on spontaneous adventure trips, guided by Twitter and other suggestions from the Web.
David Arquette,Mike McGuiness, Omar Epps and Courteney Cox are executive producers.
Andy Singer, senior vp of programming and production at Travel Channel, says the network has been increasingly approached by celebrities pitching their take on the travel show. But the Arquette-McGuiness’ pitch stood out because it's an authentic and humorous approach to the travelogue. At six feet, seven inches tall, McGuiness’ quest to log more than 100,000 miles was borne of his desire to snag free upgrades to legroom abundant business class.

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