Friday, September 2, 2011

David Arquette’s 40 Favorite Things at 40

These days, whether he’s dancing with the stars or saving lives by battling mosquitoes for Malaria No More.
David’s birthday came early with this week’s announcement that he’d be fancying up his footwork as a contestant on Dancing With the Stars. Apparently that was present enough; for his birthday present, David has asked only that his fans help him and Malaria No More give children in Africa the gift of growing up.
Every 45 seconds, a child dies of malaria. Using simple, affordable supplies such as mosquito nets, many of these deaths can be prevented. During his recent trip to Africa, David distributed nets to families in need, spoke with parents who are working to protect their children, and met with village chiefs to learn how they are fighting malaria in their communities.

Want to help? Visit David Arquette’s Birthday Giveback campaign on Crowdrise.

For every dollar donated, Sumitomo Chemical/Olyset, a leader in the global fight against malaria, has generously sponsored David’s efforts with a promise to match every dollar raised (up to $25,000).
Dazzling as his upcoming dance debut may be, David hasn’t forgotten the other brilliant sources of happiness in his life. To celebrate his 40 trips around the sun, he shared his 40 favorite things with us in an exclusive interview:

1. My incredible, beautiful, hilarious, and kind daughter, Coco
2. My dear family: Rosanna, Richmond, Patricia, Alexis, Courteney, Coco, Hopper, and Harley
3. My health
4. The possibility that we can end malaria by 2015
5. All my friends, especially Hartwell, a kid I was born one day apart from on a commune in Virginia
6. Traveling and having a traveling partner in crime—Mike McGuiness, a 6’7” redheaded Irish man who is hard to lose in a crowd
7. Volunteering at St. Joseph’s food pantry in Venice with the incredible Delfia (who’s been helping feed those in need for nearly 30 years)
8. Giving out life-saving mosquito nets in Senegal with Malaria No More
9. Acceptance
10. Pee-wee Herman
11. The Lakers!!!
12. Feeding America
13. Music: Otis Redding, James Brown, Al Green, Sam Cooke, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Queen, The Who, Bob Dylan, and newer stuff like Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Empire of the Sun, The Strokes, Deadmau5, Lady Gaga, Coldplay, Jack White, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Flaming Lips, Jane’s Addiction, Ben Harper, etc.
14. The great people who have taken part in the Give Back Crowdrise campaign
15. Candy
16. Barbecuing my famous ribs and eating them with people I love
17. Laughter
18. Magic
19. Dancing—it’s my opinion that it exercises the soul
20.—my sister’s sanitation solution-based project to help in Haiti and other struggling countries
21. Puppets
22. Entertaining people
23. Having food, clothing, and shelter—a blessing all people deserve
24. My sobriety
25. Having an honest connection to a higher power
26. The Dodgers
27. Coquette Productions—the production company I started with Courteney almost a decade ago
28. The Good Life—a nightclub I’m starting this winter in Beverly Hills
29. The ability and opportunity to work—another right all people deserve
30., a project I’m involved with to help provide low-cost, modern housing for those in need. It will hopefully revolutionize the construction game.
31. Vintage cars—I love my Avanti and any Mopar
32. Art: Robbie Conal, Shepard Fairey, Banksy, Alex Grey, Mark Ryden, Todd Schoor, Kent Williams, Norman Rockwell, Damien Hurst, David LaChapelle, Dali, etc.
33. Having parents like my mom and dad
34. Forgiveness
35. Gratitude
36. Hope
37. Honest, noble leaders
38. Nature
39. The kind future I wish to envision
40. LOVE—I love LOVE!

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