Thursday, September 29, 2011

David Arquette Preparing to Show Some Skin

After landing in the bottom two this week with partner Kym Johnson, Arquette tells us that he'll be pulling out all the stops to stay on Dancing With the Stars for as long as possible. Slight nudity included. Arquette says he's "definitely showing some skin" next week when he dances the rumba, otherwise known as "the dance of love."
So why was Arquette "confused" by his spot in the bottom two last week? And what does Coco, his 7-year-old daughter with Courteney Cox, think of his dancing? Here's what he told us when we caught up with him today during a rehearsal break...
"It was a close call!" Arquette says of his trip to the bottom two. Johnson adds, "It was a little touch and go there, but I really think we're going to make a big comeback this week."
The judges have been praising Arquette's enthusiasm and seem to truly enjoy watching the actor perform, but have not been showering his dances with points. "It's very confusing," Arquette admits. "They're very supportive and then they knock you down with the points."
Still, Arquette and Johnson are keeping a positive outlook on things. "I think they really want to see us do well," Kym says. "They see potential in David."
Someone who thinks David's dancing is just fine the way it is?
Arquette tells us that she's one of the main reasons he loves being on the show. "I love watching my daughter see the show," he gushes. "She's having so much fun with it."
As for that adorable moment where Coco caught his coat during his jive, Arquette says, "I threw it and it went right in her direction. It wasn't even planned, but it worked out perfectly."

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