Friday, April 8, 2011

David Arquette on Despierta America

David, who is visiting the studies Despierta America, shared her experience during the shooting. 
"We had fun on the set, and really is a very nice project we have been doing since last 15 years, "he said.
"I hate people who spoil things when I go see a movie, " said Arquette, who reprises his role as Sheriff Dewey in the fourth tape. "It is a feature a bit repulsive: wanting to be the person that ruins things. See the reaction of people while watching the film is unique. "
But now all that magic could be crumbled. And with the touch of a button on Twitter, the end of "Scream 4" would be revealed almost immediately, decreasing the public's interest in going to the cinema to see the movie. In fact, for those who look carefully at the internet, the end of the film has been already described in detail, along with several false end.

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