Monday, April 11, 2011

David Arquette on Air with Ryan Seacrest

David Arquette stopped by “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” Monday to chat about upcoming flick “Scream 4,” and revealed he and estranged wife Courtney Cox are better than ever despite their separation and the recent rumors.
David revealed filming “Scream 4″ took place, “during summertime,” and alongside co-star and estranged wife Courtney, which David shares was when, “we were together, but there was talk of separation, and she only filmed in the first few weeks and then I stayed on for a lot longer.”
As for the reason behind separating, David further reveals, “we both took a moment to look at our relationship and if we were happy… and it was time for us to ask some questions, and for me, I used it as a bad time to kind of act out and shake my world up because I was heart broken, you know?” Adding, “I dealt with it the way I had to, because I believe in learning from our mistakes, and I went where I had to go to come back and look at myself and my life, and really take a hard look at my personality and my flaws…”
David also cleared up recent rumors, admitting, “we’re best friends, but we’re not together, we’re separated [but] there is no scandal, we’re really honest and open.” Concluding and dismissing recent buzz, David even revealed, “my relationship with her now is actually bettter than it’s ever been”
As for the movie, “Scream 4,” David admits, “it’s my favorite sequel of the series,” explaining there are “a lot of shout-outs…and plays on technology.” And as for the scary voice behind the thriller flicks?

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